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Three Things You Should Do Before You Retire

As the rate of retirement increases amongst the baby boomers, which currently make up approximately 13% of the US population, there is a need for retirees to consider some strategies for making a smooth transition into this next phase of their lives. Without a plan, seniors run the risk of falling into an abyss, becoming depressed and losing a sense of purpose. To avoid this pitfall follow these three tools prior to retirement, create a bucket list, do a vision board and set realistic goals.

     1. Create a bucket list: Have you ever sat at work, daydreaming of all the things you would do if you retired but failed to write them down? The interesting thing about retirement is once the newness wears off and boredom sets in, it is difficult to remember all the fun things we would do once we finally got to retire. To avoid this mistake, start making a list of all the things you would like to do before you set your retirement date. Dream big, this will set the blue print for developing your future goals. Examples of bucket list items: travel, volunteer, take a class, become a mentor, join a group, write a book, plant and tend a garden etc.

     2. Once you have created your list work on a vision board. The purpose of a vision board is to visually make your bucket list come to life. Get a poster board and some magazines or use pictures from the internet that represent how you will be living your life in retirement. For example, think about the people you will be surrounded by, the trips you would like to take. Where will you live? How will you stay healthy and fit? Visualize what you would like to be doing throughout your day. This is where you start the transition from work life to retirement.

     3. Now that you have a vision it is time to start developing concrete goals to bring this dream into fruition. This is where a life transition coach can be helpful by assisting you in identifying which goals are realistic, what steps are needed to accomplish this life you would like to create and what roadblocks are standing in your way.

Retirement can be scary without the proper planning, causing you to ask the question: “So what do I do now”?  By creating your bucket list, planning your vision board and developing your goals prior to your retirement date you can enjoy your “golden years” relaxing and living the life you have always dreamed of.