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What our clients have to say

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"I felt a great sense of relief the first time I met with Laura. After walking into her office in a panic, I left feeling validated and relieved. For the next 9 months, Laura was effectively perceptive and skilled at seeing things I could not. When I struggled with concepts, she came up with creative and clever ways of helping me to perceive things differently. I loved her analogies! Laura's warmth and sense of humor were comforting to me. I am grateful to her for giving me the tools to change my life."

"When I first came to see Laura, I was struggling with long term addiction that had escalated and become very overwhelming.  I was depressed, withdrawn and hopeless. Laura's kind and compassionate nature helped me relax and have hope that I could make changes. Laura gave me specific tools to use to make effective changes in my life.  She also gently challenged my old thought patterns and perceptions until I could see healthy ways to solve problems and empower myself.  Laura is an excellent therapist whose expertise, patience and wisdom are true gifts for her clients.”

I have seen numerous therapist throughout my life for various emotional trauma, either self-inflicted or not! I have grown with each one of them. However, my experience with Laura cannot compare with the others. I have never felt so understood and cared for in my entire life! I have been able to look at myself without judgment from myself or from her. She has walked beside me in my journey of mental and emotional wellness while making me feel safe throughout the entire process. I have never met a therapist, much less woman, who is intuitive, loving, knowledgeable, gentle yet firm. She has shown me how to love myself, my husband and children at a level I thought was not possible! There are not enough words to express my joy to have found Laura in a time of my life when I felt so alone and broken!

Working with Laura has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did she help me understand my dreams, but she helped me find the courage to go after them.   Through Laura’s guidance, I was able to take the steps needed to find my happily ever after. Dreams really do come true, but often we just need a little help along the way.